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For more than 40 years, the SALESIANS OF DON BOSCO (SBD) have endeavored to make a difference in the life of the young - particularly the underprevileged members of society. They have stablished the Technical Vocational Education and Training Center (TVET) of Don Bosco Technical Institute - Makati where the less previleged and out of school youths can acquire the necessary competencies that can help them access better opportunities in the labor market.

The Center offers 15-month training in Automotive Servicing, Machining and Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Electrical Installation and Maintenance and Mechatronics Servicing, Ref and Aircon Servicing. Yearly we graduate close to 800 students for employment both locally and abroad, thus helping our students and their families rise from poverty. Likewise, some 250 students are housed in the center with free board and lodging since they come from far-flung areas around the country from Nothern Luzon to Mindanao.

Setting up a facility such as the TVET Center in Makati City requires a huge amount of investment. The Salesians were able to set up the training center that relies solely on sponsorship, donations and company partnership with well-meaning individuals and kind-hearted organizations, and foundations that believe in our mission of "Saving their Souls" The Center provides/trains the students quality technical education for gainful employment and thus, enabling them to enhance and uplift the lives of their families as well. The cost of training in our institution amounts to PHP 43,160.00 inclusives of Tuition Fee, Miscellaneous Fee and Graduation Fee.

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