Institutional Goals and Objectives

The rapid changes in the society is characterized by the deterioration of religious and moral values. Through moral and religious instructions personal and communitarian religious practices, the school aims at forming a Bosconian who has:

  • understood the meaning and purpose of his existence in this world.
  • assimilated adequate moral and spiritual values to guide him this life.
  • developed readiness and taste to actively and regularly participate in Church-related activities.
  • acquired habits to fulfill his religious obligation especially in frequenting the sacraments of reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist.
  • possessed adequate understanding of the Holy Bible, the Church and the Church’s teaching and traditions.
  • acquired the sensitivity to respect all kinds of human persons irrespective of sex, age, status and race, convinced that we are all children of God.


Inspired by its evangelical mission to save souls, the School also aims at forming a Bosconian who has:

  • acquired human and moral values for justice, respect for the human person and his rights, personal and communitarian.
  • developed an awareness and sensitivity to any form of deprivation, oppression, injustice or violence.
  • possessed a collaborative attitude in building a community/society more worthy of the human person.
  • developed availability to do his share in building a more humane and just society.
  • overcome possessive and selfish instinct at the expense of others.
  • developed a sense of leadership and active participation for national prosperity and well-being.

In the light of developing economy characterized by rapid technological industrial changes and progress and therefore, the need to orient education towards these needs that the school aims at producing a Bosconian who has:

  • acquired adequate substantial preparation in the different subjects and disciplines as to make a wise choice for a college course.
  • acquired the skills of logical, critical and creative thinking to enable to meet harder demands of college and adult life.
  • acquired competence in communication: oral and written, enabling him to comfortably interact with adults.
  • developed the positive attitude to face life and the physical health, feeling of confidence to face an adult life.
  • acquired the positive attitude towards work and the sense of responsibility in doing well one’s work.
  • developed a balance, upright and discriminating taste for the means of communication, mass media and other forms of entertainment.
  • developed an ambition for higher academic and professional achievement.


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