Led by Mr. Rey Bolleser and Mr. Louie Afuang, students, teachers, non-teaching office personnel as well as the maintenance workers practiced using the fire extinguisher to put off a simulated fire last December 2, 2016 at the football field.


To ensure that students and school personnel know how to use the device, Mr. Bolleser, the school’s Safety Officer, gave an orientation on the different kinds and parts of fire extinguisher. He also demonstrated how to use it in controlling small fires. Mr. Afuang, the school’s Property Custodian and an active member of Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Team (EDPT) assisted the participants in perfecting their aim.


Several Elementary and High School students eagerly waited for their turn to practice despite heavy rain and muddy field.


This activity was done to raise awareness on what to do in case of fire. The EDPT plans to have another similar activity next school year hoping to have this exercise become second nature to everyone.


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